For four decades Otto Rigan has maintained a studio where, besides his own Art, he has designed and fabricated public and private projects. His first large scale commission was awarded when he was 19 years old. 

Inspired by glass as a vehicle for light, and stone as a commitment to time, Otto Rigan developed his signature works using those mediums. Aesthetically he has borrowed from the bold Modernism of Isamu Noguchi, Constantin Brancusi and the indigenous forms native to the deserts of the American Southwest. Even more fundamentally he was inspired by the ancient builders of Britain’s standing stones, the pre-Columbian architecture of the Americas and the leaded glass windows of Medieval Europe. The artisans at Otto Rigan Studio fabricate autonomous artworks designed by the Artist, as well as commissioned work for public and private spaces. All artworks are handmade and individually designed for their intended spaces. In addition, the studio works in partnership with many stone quarries and glass factories throughout North America.

The Studio’s mission is to create Art that is timeless, durable and quietly engaging.